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American Heart Association

Learn important lifesaving skills

With Elite CPR LLC!


Checking the victim - disease transmission - legal concerns - bleeding control and shock - fractures - breathing emergencies - diabetes, heart attack, stroke, seizures - environmental emergencies - allergic reactions - adult, child, infant CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

All material is covered in a single session, completion of the training results in a two year certification.


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Basic CPR, AED

and First Aid


For those who work in non-medical fields:

Child care providers, educators, guides, assisted living caregivers, foster and adoptive parents and more. This training will satisfy workplace CPR and first aid OSHA requirements.


I am a approved vendor of CPR and first aid training for child care providers, camps, schools and foster / adoptive parents in the State of Colorado.

Resuscitation Skills

American Heart AssociationBLS for Healthcare Providers CPR


For anyone who is employed or is seeking employment in the medical field:

Nurses; physicians; Emergency Medical Technicians; nursing assistants; physical, occupational, respiratory therapists and more.

BLS stands for basic life support.

Learn important resuscitation skills


One and two rescuer CPR for the adult, child and infant - Ambu bag (bag mask) and mouth to mask resuscitation - Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) - team BLS skills.

All training and testing is completed in the same session. This class results in a American Heart Association certification valid for two years.

Certification and Recertification Options

Our Mission

Our mission at Elite CPR LLC

is to provide each of our students with the best learning environment possible. Our classes are passionate, fun and engaging and we teach CPR and First Aid following the guidelines of the American Heart Association. After attending our class, you will be confident in implementing the skills necessary to perform high quality CPR and/or First Aid on the job, at home or in public.

Due to COVID-19, we are now requiring all attendees wear a mask and arrive early to allow for a temperature screening at the door.  At Elite CPR LLC, we are doing our part to keep our staff and students safe during the entire training course.

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